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We are glad you came here!

Let us introduce ourselves first. Our business is mainly in the field of advisory and consulting in development of enterprises, in the broad field of project management and foremost in HR advisory. We strongly believe in "employee first" approach, agile management, power of vision and importance of having meaning and purpose in business.

We have helped many different companies in various fields of business such as IT development, web enterprises, energy, finance and also manufacturing and heavy industry sector.

We focus on solving growth problems, lacking communication and innovation in companies through HR as Human Relations, not Resources. Employee motivation and engegement and its principles as well as company culture are our main goals as we recognize their importance and broad impact on company effectivity and performance.

Now we are also expanding in the field of project management support tools and enterprise communication platforms, namely system for project/issue tracking (JIRA) and corporate wiki/intranet (Confluence).


CEREBRA's goal is to provide first class services, long term relationship with customers and individual approach to each business case.


We value honesty, experience and openness.


Company's social responsibility programme includes mainly cooperation with universities in a form of workshops and internships. We are also glad to support Svobodná škola Praha ("Democratic school in Prague"), island of true liberty in our education system.


We are CEREBRA, a genuine Czech company enthusiastic in agile management, new smart ways of company organization styles, HR as Human Relations and mainly in getting things done properly.

Our website is mostly in Czech but don't worry, we will gladly talk to you in English, too. And what we may be talking about?


Project management

Are you starting a new business and need to be lean?
Are you well established in the business but feel stuck and need to “do something” to push you further?
Is your business slowing down due to unidentified problem areas and lack of structure? Or too rigid structure?
Are you in need of a qualified consultant to help you steer you project for better results or to reveal what your options are?
Are you outsourcing your project management, but not sure if your invested money has an adequate product outcome?
Are you in need of an unbiased counselor?

We can take care of your pain in the neck, we are here for you! We have successfully led IT projects in energetics, transportation, e-commerce and culture so we can help you too.

See some key areas, which we may help you with:

  • Reinventing your relation to your employees,
  • Revising your business’ processes,
  • Finding out if agile/ lean is the right thing for you,
  • Helping you identify problem areas in your business,
  • Implementing agile /lean techniques and software tools,
  • Directly managing your project(s).

HR = Human Relations (not Resources) a.k.a. Employer Branding!

We strongly believe that by reinventing and improving company's style of inside communication, internal organization and employee motivation and engagement anyone can achieve more.

We will help you do that. We are enthusiastic about Motivation 3.0, "Flat organisations", "Happiness@Work" and so on. Let's find out whether any of this might help you the way it did for our customers!


Projects "X"

Special projects. Something nobody does.

We have a lot of experience and a large network of contacts. We know how to fulfill your special requests. We can put it all together for you. We can be pretty useful in special projects.

One of our recent Projects "X" was creation of a brand new exposition "Time Machine of Zatec" for Regional museum in Zatec. We have helped to build a new exhibition incorporating latest technology, modern design and "touch and play" approach for visitors. More info upon asking or http://www.muzeumzatec.cz/zatecky-stroj-casu.html and here: http://www.muzeumzatec.cz/kalendar-zatecky-stroj-casu.html (both in Czech).

We always remember that there are no "IT projects". Or "industry projects". Everything is about the people in the end.

If anything of above written rings some bells with you, let us know at english@cerebra.cz and we will do our best to help you. Or you can also call our CEO directly, because why not! Petr Holodnak +420 721 660 957 We will make you and your emploees this happy!

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